Business Personal Property Renditions are due by April 1, 2019. (Please note the new date.)

Applications for 1-d-1 (Open-Space) Agricultural Use are due before May 1, 2019.

Applications for Residence Homestead Exemptions are due before May 1, 2019.

ONLINE TAX PAYMENTS (e-Payments) – Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tax payments can be made online and will be posted directly to your account.  There is a $1.50 e-Check fee or a 2.4% ($1.00 minimum) credit card convenience fee in addition to your tax payment. First time users must create a profile to begin.   Please select TAX OFFICE and then ONLINE TAXES.  Under “Account Search” find your first account then select “e-Payment”.  This is where you will create your profile.  Once your profile is completed you can add any additional accounts that you are intending to pay by selecting “Search for My Property Tax Accounts” from “My Main Page”.  These accounts will be available in your profile in the future.

Beginning September 1, 2013, individuals seeking to apply for a Residence Homestead Exemption will need to comply with a new application process. Applicants must provide a copy of their valid Texas driver’s license or Texas state-issued identification card with their application. The address on these documents must correspond to the address of the property for which you are applying.

Section 23.522 of the Texas Property Tax Code states that the eligibility of open-space land does not end during temporary cessation of agricultural use during a drought. Your land can continue to qualify for open-space agricultural appraisal if the governor declares a drought and the land remains out of production for an extended period, as long as you intend to return the land to its pre-drought level of agricultural intensity. In most cases, the appraisal district will not remove the agricultural appraisal on any property that is currently receiving it. The absence of livestock or hay production will not trigger the removal. Depending on how long the drought lasts will determine what approach will be taken next year.
OPEN RECORDS REQUESTS – Thursday, May 08, 2014

Any requests for information from the Austin County Appraisal District must be made in writing. Go to TAX INFORMATION and FORMS on this website for an Open Records Request Form. Please be very specific in your request so that the information that we provide to you is accurate. Most requests will be completed within 10 business days from receipt of the request form. Applicable fees will apply. The Open Records Fee Schedule is also located on this website under TAX INFORMATION and FORMS .
To pay your taxes online: Choose the TAX OFFICE icon, then Online Taxes (under the bluebonnet picture), choose a “search by” option in the Account Search box, enter your information, hit Go, choose the underlined account number, and then select the e-Payment button. Follow the instructions from there.
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